Ecstatic Sensuality

A tantric Journey to the Self through the Senses | Sat 4.11. 11:00-17:30

This one day workshop explores the 5 main senses and their meaning in our life and in tantric lovemaking. The workshop is held at Gerechtigkeitsgasse 9.

The workshop contains enlightening and delightful practices for the senses. We learn to increase awareness and relaxation through conscious sensual experience in the daily life. The workshop does not contain nudity or touching of the intimate areas and it is suitable for couples and singles equally.



The workshop gives answers to the questions
  • How to abandon consciously to the sensual experiences?
  • How can I increase awareness in my every day life with the help of my body and the senses?
  • What is the role of sensuality and pleasure in tantra?
  • How can I increase pleasure and erotic excitement through the senses during the erotic game?
  • What helps me to refine and deepen the sensual experiences?
  • How can tantra increase intimacy, love and affection?
  • Introduction into the tantric attitude towards the senses
  • Smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing: practices
  • Notions on tantric lovemaking
  • Conclusion and discussion
  • Singles 90 SFR
  • Couples 150 SFR
  • Earlybird 75 / 130 SFR paid until 20.10.

Students and unemployed get a 20 % discount from singles price.

The maximum amount of participants is 12. To confirm your signing up pay in advance. The places are given according to the time of the signing up and of confirmation by payment. Details for the payment are provided by e-mail.

Sign up via the form below or request more info: or phone: 079/685 80 74

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    The workshop is kept in English. Questions can be put in German and also clarifications can be made in German if needed.

    The workshop is held on Saturday 4th of November at Gerechtigkeitsgasse 9 between 11:00 and 17:30, including a lunch break.